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Hotshot Delivery

Always Ready

Our fleet of semis and one-ton pickups offers transportation of pipe, heavy equipment, and frac sand.
Always ready to move a rig with our fully loaded fleet. Winch trucks are available to boot!

Also, we have units ready to go in Sidney and Bismarck. This allows us to quickly respond to your job site anywhere in Western North Dakota and Eastern Montana. Our services are licensed and bonded according to DOT regulations. We will work with your company to acquire any special coverage that may be needed to haul your project. 

Don't forget, WE ARE TIER ONE!

Roustabout Services

Always Equipped

Mechanically Skilled staff who provide 24/7 services to your drivers and facilities by manning your oil and salt water disposal operations. Including monitoring off-loads, reading meters, and conducting measurements, work is always performed in a safe and timely manner.

Don't forget, WE ARE TIER ONE!

Water Transportation

Timely - Safe

Our team is equipped with multiple tankers and semis for all your water needs.

- Production Water

- Fresh Water

- Flowback

Industrial Coatings

Stay Fresh

We also offer a variety of corrosion prevention coatings, surface protection coatings, and aesthetically appealing coatings.  We also specialize in coating inspection and testing services to protect your valuable assets. No matter if you are looking to spice up grandmas lawn furniture, or if you have a large energy facility that needs some corrosion protection, we have it covered.


We will build

We offer new builds, tank batteries, compressor stations, NGL Skeds and much much more. 

Don't forget, WE ARE TIER ONE!

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